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Chill Out Update #2 (Still Absolutely Slaying)

Design Process Updates:

A lot has been going on since our last update, and we are back to give you the inside scoop!. Shortly after our last posting, we finalized the CAD for our new bot (name still TBD), and all the parts needed to make it were ordered. As those parts started arriving, we opened a new chapter of build season: the actual building.

By now, we are well on our way with this new endeavor and the majority of the robot is built. From the start of this season, we have tightly followed a schedule that was carefully designed to be both feasible and fit within our small time frame. The final build of our robot is set to be completed THIS WEEKEND, February 10th. Barring unexpected delays, that milestone will be completed not only on time, but early!

As build comes to a close, programming and electrical are taking control of the robot. With about three weeks until competition, the final push began. We’ll have the robot on the practice field next week to start coding our autonomous and for drive practice.

Meetings have been more on brand recently as this season’s merch has come in. It’s a sea of penguins as far as the eye can see! Quick reminder that the team jerseys are still on their way and will be arriving soon, so don’t worry, you haven’t missed it!

Other News:


We were awarded a generous grant from Alderwood Terrace Rotary and also completed our Round Up for Robots event hosted by Ace Hardware Cedar Plaza. We have surpassed our initial goal but continue fundraising so we are prepared for a trip to the World Championships.


The team is presenting at Alderwood Terrace Rotary next week. Crazy that we have time in the middle of build season for outreach! That’s what you get with a conscious strategy and time management ;P


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