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Our History


Our team started in 2006, 16 years ago. We won the Rookie All-Star Award that year at the PNW regional and went to Worlds in Atlanta, Georgia. Chill Out won multiple awards at competitions in the years following, including regional finalist, industrial safety, imagery, entrepreneurship, and the judges' award. 

Using the resources and mentors at our shop, we jumpstarted many teams in the area. Team 2522, Royal Robotics from Lynnwood, was started by Chill Out in 2008 and used our shop until they got their own space at Lynnwood High School in 2009. In 2010, we started Team 3070 Pronto (Shorewood HS) in our shop until they found enough mentors and space to move into their own school as well. This happened with Team 3663 CPR (Cedar Park Christian School) in 2011 and Team 4077 MASH (Edmonds Woodway HS) in 2012. 

Screenshot 2022-10-31 160829.jpg

Chill Out also helped run FTC teams (FIRST Tech Challenge, a version of FIRST Robotics with smaller robots and a smaller game and smaller teams) up until 2017, when we switched to running teams for the VEX Robotics Competition. A new FTC team was started in 2009, 2010, and 2011, plus an additional one, all themed around temperature (for example, Team 4434 Heat Misers). In 2012, we helped start FIRST Lego League teams at Maplewood K-8 and some other elementary schools (run by separate people now). The MTHSRC (MTHS Robotics Club) used to encompass both Chill Out and VEX, with Chill Out's leadership being the main leadership of the club, but VEX has chosen to split off, making us two separate clubs with complete autonomy from each other. 

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Recently, our team went to worlds in 2017 and 2018, winning the division in 2018 but losing in Championship Semifinals. We designed a new control scheme named FreezyDrive in 2017 using a drone controller and specialized hardware and software to improve control over the typical drivetrain, and won an award for innovation in control. In 2020, after quarantine, the team lost most of its knowledge and mentors as people graduated and the team went into hiatus. By the time we got back into school, the only people left on the team had less than a year of experience with FRC. With the amazing help from a few retained mentors and some new ones, we got some new members, gained some footing again, built a great robot, and are now ready for a new season and a new era of our club with all of our new members.

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